How to do soldering safely

soldering tip
soldering tip

A typical less expensive soldering pencil of 25 W or fewer is ok. A temperature-controlled solder station is more preferable however! I recommend good Hakko solder. The common use of lead-free solder has been implemented. It is very difficult to work with. Any small can of flux is necessary to have and lasts a while. Cheap pin nose pliers, angledflush cutting pliers and wire strippers can also be necessary for printed circuit board assembly. It happens to be from time to time important to unsolder a component, for this reason copper braid plus a solder sucker are great additions to the list. 


Scorching irons/pencil and hot solder burns… hence don’t wave the iron around, lean on it or leave it unattended! In addition keep in mind that the cable of the soldering iron could be easily melted and damaged. The gases released when soldering really should not be breathed in. heAlthough they have little lead (not incredibly hot sufficient to vaporize very much) the gases are damaging. Any time clipping leads use caution because they can fly an unexpected range, so put on glasses or basic safety goggles.

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